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About the institute

The Institute for Theology and Politics was ultimately founded with the primary goal of developing a contextual theology in the Balkans, i.e., in the area of the former Yugoslavia, which is mainly based on political and liberation theologies.

Our mission

In that sense, primary Institute’s vision is to create a theological framework in which this interweaving of (ethno)nationalism and religion can be adequately and professionally tackled on a theoretical and practical level.
Additional Institut’s task is to create a network of Academies for Theology and Politics through partnerships worldwide.

Areas of activity

The institute’s areas of activity are education, science and research, democratic political culture, religion and spirituality, human rights, and international cooperation.
The target groups of the institute are academic communities, educational institutions, and citizens.

About Us

Find out more about our members, as well as about our long-term activities in the field of theology and politics


Ethnonationalism, Populism, and Religion in the Context of Former Yugoslavia


The Academy offers participants four courses that go through the very heart of the aforementioned issue

ITP’s Academy 2023 Reviews

Every beginning is risky, especially regarding this type of discourse that the Academy demands. However, it turned out that it prevailed over any challenge! The lecturers proved to be brilliant, and the participants excellent, which means the experiment was successful, and we are moving forward!

Thank you, dear people, for making this event beautiful, productive, and meaningful. Also, thanks to our partners, Forum Civil Peace Service – Serbia, Brot für die Welt, Kirchen Helfen Kirchen, Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland, the University Center for Protestant Theology Matthias Flacius Illyricus, NDNV, Tomislav Fiket and club Azimut because without you, this would not have been possible.

Until the next Academy, best regards!

ITP Team

Coping the Wounded Memories

The Institute for Theology and Politics actively contributed to the first Pro Oriente International Ecumenical Academic Conference, “Healing of Wounded Memories“, held in Vienna from November 9 to 11, 2023. Our general secretary, Zinka Mujkić, took part in the panel titled “Theological Discourse and Local Practices: Southeastern Europe”, where she shared insights into the intricate sociopolitical and socioreligious landscape of post-Yugoslav reality with the audience.

Moving forward, we are actively engaged in the committee dedicated to implementing the “Healing of Wounded Memories” Workshop in Southeastern Europe in 2024. Committed to our shared goal, we value the perspectives and guidance of our colleagues involved in this project, both on a general level in Eastern Europe and the Near East and specifically within the Balkans.

Official Announcement: The Academy for Theology and Politics 2024

 We are delighted to formally announce the successful completion of preparations for the Academy for Theology and Politics 2024 in Šibenik (Croatia). We hereby open the call for graduate and doctoral students to submit their applications.

Our official website provides comprehensive information, including the application deadline, program offerings, evaluation criteria, and more.

We encourage all interested individuals to seize this opportunity and join us in this transformative academic endeavor.

Apply now and be a part of this enriching experience!

ITP Team

APPLICATIONS OPENED: ATP 2024 (official video)

The Academy for Theology and Politics 2024 is now accepting applications from graduate and doctoral students.

For detailed information about the Academy and application, see here.

A big thank you to Tomislav Fiket, the official cameraman of the Academy!

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